The Top 10 Best Places To Get Wings In Boise


The Top 10 Best Places To Get Wings In Boise

Smokey, savory, sweet, or spicy, these wing places will not let you down.

Cooking chicken wings has become an American culinary phenomenon. Like most of the world’s most famous and adored foods, deep-fried chicken wings originated from a family recipe that eventually spread across the country, and then the world.

Of course, calling it a recipe is a little generous since it began simply with deep-fried chicken wings covered in hot sauce. Now, 50 or so years later, an entire universe of sauce recipes and cooking methods has sprung up, and America was given yet another peculiar food favorite.

If you are looking for some of the best wings in Idaho, then Go! check out this list of the top 10 places to get wings in Boise and the surrounding areas.

10. Buffalo Wild Wings

Everyone knows Buffalo Wild Wings. And for good reason. They have so many wing flavors to choose from you won’t know which to order. Dry rubs and sauces ranging from mild to extremely hot, BWW is always better when you gather together a large party to try them all out together. Go! on Tuesday nights and get special pricing for Wing Tuesdays. You can find several locations in the Treasure Valley, including Meridian, Nampa, and downtown Boise.

9. Wingstop

Yet another corporate food giant developed in Texas, you can visit Wingstop over on 12th Ave. in Nampa and a second location on Eagle Rd in Meridian. Despite being a restaurant chain, they still rank because their hot sauce flavors and their wing rewards system they call The Club make Wingstop pretty awesome.

8. The Lift

Find this cool little neighborhood bar in north Boise on State St. a little way down from Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy. Not only do they have all the best brews and cocktails with spirits from near and far, but they also have one of the coolest patios in Boise. No matter what time of year it is, you can make yourself at home and feel comfortable at their sweet outdoor seating area. Go! load up on 75¢ wings for Wing Mondays at the Lift.

7. Vons Chicken

This restaurant came from California, and the recipes came from Korea. Vons Chicken serves absolutely delicious hot wings, but the rest of their expertly prepared poultry menu is astounding. Whether you want wings, drumsticks, or some combination, the Asian flavors at Vons Chicken will have your mouth watering before it gets to your table. 

6. Diablo & Son’s Saloon

Next time you are out and about in downtown Boise, you have got to stop by Diablo & Son’s for lunch. Of course, their Burnt Wings are a must-try for hot wing lovers, but the rest of their menu is equally tasty and impressive. Tacos, ribs, burgers, salmon fillets, all cooked in their fiery brick oven and perfectly paired with a crisp lager or cocktail. 

5. Gramercy Park Pizza & Grill

Gramercy Park is Meridian’s favorite pizza place. This neighborhood bar is not a nationwide chain of pizza parlors with built-in arcades and some poor jerk in a cheesy and sweltering mascot costume. No, these folks have some authenticity. When I went out to try this place, I felt immediately at home. The friendly servers and staff there were easy to talk to and my friends and I left talking about when we should Go! again. We tried their wings, their pizza, and someone in my group ended up getting the Spicy Peach Burger. I highly recommend you Go! give these guys a try. Wings, pizza, burgers, beer, and atmosphere, Gramercy Park Pizza deserves praise all around.

4. Taphouse

Yet another downtown favorite, Taphouse is another spot with a patio that is hard to beat when the weather is nice. Renowned for their Boise State football parties, Taphouse is the best place to pair your favorite fight or ball game, a fun downtown atmosphere, and some of the tastiest hot wings in the Valley.

3. Edge Brewing Co.

When it comes to breweries and hot wings, Edge is one of my personal favorites. My friends and I have shared many a beer and wing over at Edge Brewing. Whenever I get the wings there, I order the ginger habanero and the peanut butter wings. I know, it doesn’t sound like peanut butter and chicken wings should go together, but trust me, Edge has found a way to make it work. They have a new location downtown, and their original is on Steelhead Way in Boise.

2. Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery

Bardenay is an extremely popular dining spot in downtown Boise and in Eagle (with another location way up north in Coeur d’Alene). The wings they serve here are on a menu alongside dishes that are a bit more upscale than what you’d normally find at a wings place.  Even so, their spicy gourmet chicken wings are amongst the most popular and tasty wings in the Treasure Valley.

1. Barbacoa

The wings here are so good, Thrillist ranked them among the 21 best places in the entire country to get wings. Barbacoa allows you to make sure your wings are made exactly how you like them by bringing them to your table on a little hibachi grill. Bring your wingmen & wingwomen to Barbacoa for a wing experience like you’ve never had before.

Wings are an American institution. Pretty much everyone loves them, and the mess they make is part of the fun of eating them. If you are on the hunt for some of Idaho’s best wing options, then look no further than these awesome top 10 places in Boise (and the surrounding areas) to get hot wings!

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