These 10 Idaho Laws Will Leave You Scratching Your Head


These 10 Idaho Laws Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

These statutes are perfectly reasonable . . . right?

Every state has them. We all have a good chuckle at them. But we also hope that law enforcement doesn’t take some of them too seriously. Here are Idaho’s top ten weird laws.

10. Musicians Cannot Loiter After Gigs

It may seem a little odd at first glance, but this law actually has some method to its madness. This is intended to keep musicians who are under the legal drinking age of 21 years old from kicking it at the bar for a sip of the Devil’s nectar after their set.

9. You May Not Share Your Dog’s Kennel With Them

In Wallace, Idaho, dogs have rights. One of them sounds an awful lot like the right to private property. Your dog may not be forced to share its accommodations with anyone or anything else. So, no, you can’t take a nap with your dog in their kennel, even if you wanted to.

8. Merry-Go-Round Rides Forbidden On Sundays

The Sunday Rest Law has been repealed, but when it was on the books, it killed all fun there was to be had on Sundays.

7. PDA May Only Last 18 Minutes Or Less

Another fabled law that has since been repealed stated that public decency was to be maintained by limiting the amount of kissing couples did in the open. In the modern day, there are some laws we should all be grateful for which are closely related to it. 

6. No Selling Chickens After Sundown Without Permission From the Sheriff

While information out there is sparse, it’s hard to imagine this law not coming from the days of the wild west. Too many ruffians must’ve been selling stolen chickens after nightfall in old rural Idaho, or something similar. No matter what the original story, laws surrounding the keeping and selling of livestock are taken very seriously in Idaho.

5. No Fishing From The Backs Of Moose

Actually, according to Idaho Fish & Game, a little over 100 years ago, laws were put in place to make it illegal to fish from the back of any animal.

4. No Hunting From Helicopters

While it is definitely illegal to hunt any animal by shooting it from a moving helicopter, tank, or jet pack, it’s also illegal to hunt from any motorized or airborne vehicle whatsoever. It is also illegal to use a motor vehicle to stir up animals into revealing their positions, or to use remote vehicles (i.e., drones) to locate prey.

3. Cannibalism Is Mostly Illegal

Idaho has the Donner Party of 1846 to thank for this one. This desperate group of pioneers from Illinois was stranded in the mountains during a blizzard once they got to California. The horror stories go that some members of the party were forced to take drastic measures to survive. Idaho lawmakers from way back in the day made it known to their constituents they shouldn’t eat someone unless they really needed to.


George Orwell predicted authoritarian regimes would be watching over its citizens to control even the minutest actions of every person its grip, right down to facial expressions and inner thoughts and beliefs. What he didn’t know was that one of the first iterations of it would be codified into law in Pocatello, Idaho’s, Smile Ordinance.

1. The World’s Strictest Potato Standards

It makes perfect sense that Idado would not want to sully its reputation by selling, packaging, and shipping potatoes that are too small, too soft and moldy, or hadn’t been cleaned to look fresh and immaculate. “Idaho Deluxe” potatoes fall under very strict guidelines which have been made law by the State of Idaho. This was done to make sure Idaho maintained the highest standards for the vegetable anywhere.

The next time you Go! about your day, beware of breaking these top ten strange Idaho laws.

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