Thick as Thieves is Boise’s Newest Hot Spot

Thick As Thieves

A new hidden cocktail bar enters the villa in Downtown Boise! Thick as Thieves isn’t exactly a secret. Their location and instructions are on their website, where you can even find a reservation page. We first saw this on our Tik Tok “for you page”. Where someone posted about how to get into their space. Certainly, I immediately added it to my things to do and sent it to the group chat for a new spot to hang.

This new cocktail bar has a fun and fresh feel. Thick as Thieves are always open to walk-ins, but you can elevate that date night by making a reservation. Not to mention that they are currently swamped since they just opened in June. This cocktail bar has given us some sneak peeks of the interior on its social media pages.

Thick as Thieves has four main categories that they use for their main cocktails. These categories are representations of fun new cocktails and classics like their take on an old-fashioned. The categories have some funky names such as On the Bright Side, Kindred Spirits, Fizzical Therapy, and Death to Prohibition! After calling for cocktails, find some of the drinks on my must-tries list!

Tin Lizzie

Picture of the Tin Lizzie drink from Thick as Thieves

Take this friend on your journey to OZ; the Tin Lizzie is correspondingly located underneath their menu’s “Death to Prohibition” section. The Tin Lizzie cocktail is their take on the classic sherry cobbler. A heads up, this beverage is a low ABV drink if you want to take it easy. 

Toki Highball

Picture of the Toki Highball drink from Thick as Thieves

This traditional Japanese highball highlights simple ingredients. The Toki Highball highlights technique to make this drink one you will never forget. Their Toki Whiskey is kept in the freezer, poured over an ice spear, and topped with lemon oil to ensure it tastes how it should. 


Picture of the Amigos drink from Thick as Thieves

A beer cocktail? Count me in; I think I just found my new best friend. The “Amigos” is featured under the Fizzical Therapy section of their menu. A Pilsner paired with mezcal, lime, and celery bitters, you’ll love this form of therapy.

Poppy Don’t Peach

Picture of the Poppy Don't Peach drink from Thick as Thieves

The Drink for those that love the finer things in life, here is Poppy! Poppy Don’t Peach is one of my favorites, a prosecco, lemon, and peach beverage! A refreshing taste during the hot summer season, you won’t regret this choice. 

Stop into this new hidden cocktail bar, and be sure to make a reservation for that special person or your regular hangout before it’s too busy! Did you like this blog? Check out what I had to say about the new Warehouse Foodhall in Downtown Boise.

All images in this blog were photographed by John at Chilled Soup Photo!

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