Things Are Getting Spacey In Idaho

UFO sightings, sky viewings, and moon landings
Flying Saucer

UFO sightings have allegedly been a part of human experience since its beginning. But it wasn’t until 1947 when a Boise man by the name of Kenneth Arnold, who was the first to sight a UFO in the continental US, gave a name to this mystery that would ignite imaginations for generations. Piloting his small aircraft near Mt. Rainier, he saw strange things he could only describe as ‘flying saucers.’

Since then the name has stuck, and the number and frequency of sightings all over the world have soared and expanded to include all sorts of UFO shapes and sizes.

You can even find reports of UFO sightings in Idaho as recently last March, and even last week. Just recently, the President and a handful of US senators received a briefing from the US Navy on the recent increase of UFO sightings by Navy personnel. 

Will the mystery behind flying saucers and other UFO phenomenon finally be revealed?

It’s not likely.

But, we can dream. 

And we can keep our eyes on the skies to see what might be out there.

Bogus Basin Star Party

July 20th, 2019, the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, is just such an opportunity to get a view of many a star and planet, and maybe some UFOs, that will be passing above the Treasure Valley. 

GO! join Bogus Basin for their Star Party from 7:00 pm – to 11:00 pm and celebrate the mysterious and far reaches of space on this momentous anniversary. You will be able to view galaxies, planets, nebulas, and star clusters through telescopes and helpful guides.

And, remember, if you happen to see unexplainable lights in the sky, report them here!

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