This Pickle Themed Restaurant in Idaho is a Must Visit

Photo from Pickle's Place

Are you a pickle lover? Just a short 3-hour drive from Boise in Arco, ID, there is a pickled-themed restaurant that is any pickle lover’s dream. Since it’s National Pickles Day, here is Idaho’s best place to celebrate this glorious day.

Nestled off the highway near Craters of the Moon, Pickle’s Place serves amazing homemade meals and ice-cold beer at an affordable price! Idaho grown, their staff is so friendly, and they create such a fun environment. Also, they’re known for their world-famous Atomic Burger. It’s a ⅓ pound pure lean, fresh ground beef burger, seasoned with John’s Spice (their famous steak and seasoning spice). They top with grilled mushrooms and onions for that perfect savory taste. 

Photo from Pickle’s Place

And it can’t be called Pickle’s Place without the star of the show, their deep-fried pickles appetizer. For decades they have been honoring the pickle with this crunchy snack, and it is a must when visiting Pickle’s Place. Their expansive menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Their summer hours are from 6 am to 10 pm, and winter hours are from 6 am to 9 pm. Worth the trip to Arco to visit this fantastic place.

Photo from Pickle’s Place

Don’t forget to take a photo with their famous giant green chair in the parking lot! It’s the perfect place for a photo op to say you’ve been to this tangy restaurant. We love a themed restaurant, and they take the pickle.

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