Tips To Prepare For The Boise Marathon

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The Boise Marathon is a half-marathon, 10K, and 5K that starts and ends in beautiful Julia Davis Park with a flat elevation.  Running a marathon or any race is no simple feat. There are a lot of nerves that get built up when trying to prepare, but don’t worry we will tell you some of the things you can to prepare the best for when race day comes!  

 To train to the best of your ability, you will need the right gear, and luckily, we have the recommendation for you! Shu’s Idaho Running Company has amazing running gear with knowledgeable staff to help you reach your fitness goals! They have a 3D Foot Print System to ensure you have the shoe that fits and gets you running.

One of the primary things you can do is to train for the race instead of showing up and thinking, “Hey, I got this.” It might work for you but may make the journey a little more difficult. Going on runs to build your endurance will be key. Understanding your body and limits is important when you are on race day knowing when you need to refuel with gels or hydrate properly will help you do your best. This is also a perfect time to try out your running gear and see what feels the best. Race day is not the time when you wear clothes/shoes you never have before, because that can affect your comfortability.

The last quick tip for you is to set goals for yourself. With all the training you want to do, it’s important to ensure you know exactly what you want to accomplish. Goals are different for whatever distance you are planning to do, but knowing your distance and setting a goal will help keep you motivated. Whether it’s to lose weight, stay active, for charity, or to complete a challenge, you want to use it to fuel the fire in your soul to go out and kick butt on race day.

We are excited to see you out there and race the best you can! Whether you’re trying to make a new PR or are just out running for fun, we can’t wait to see you all!

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