Top 3 Pizzas in Downtown Boise

There is no food more beloved or iconic as pizza, which is why when you ask anyone what their favorite slice, they will undoubtedly have an opinion.

This list isn’t about the cheapest or most convenient slices in town, they’re definitely not the kind of slices you pick up at 2 am after bar hopping downtown. These are the 3 highest quality, best-tasting slices in Boise, in no particular order.

The Wylder

The Wylder is a new and unique restaurant that makes hand-crafted pizzas that you can’t find anywhere else. The thick, light sourdough crust is the perfect bed for the robust, tangy red sauce, and fresh ingredients. Original, trendy, and high quality, The Wylder is a treat for pizza lovers. This is one of the best newer restaurants in downtown, and a must try.

The Front Door

The Front Door prides themselves on their one of a kind “neo-ameripolitan pizza”, a thin crust pie that’s a cross between Neapolitan and New York style. It’s interesting, it’s different and it’s delicious. This cozy restaurant is the perfect place for pizza and a draft!

Smoky Mountain Pizzeria

Smoky Mountain’s pizzas have been a staple in Idaho for years, and provides a more classic pie than the previous two options. While it is a more classic style, it is still distinctly Idaho pizza. It’s a great choice whether you like simple cheese or pepperoni, or prefer a more creative, specialty pizza that’ll make your pizza craving taste buds happy.

GO! out and try these pizza joints for yourself! Have another favorite pie place not on this list? Let us know so we can check it out too!

By Nate Bevington

An Expert at Going Out

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