Top 3 Unique Appetizers in the Boise Area

Unique bites sure to satisfy your hunger

Who doesn’t love appetizers? They are a perfect snack, whether you’re not that hungry or need something ASAP before you go full on hangry style. Every restaurant seems to have them, and there are the usual favorites for sure. Nachos, wings, skewers, deep fried pickles, etc., etc. BUT, every once in a while you run into something you haven’t seen that often or ever before. We have picked 3 of our favorite unique appetizers in the Boise area and decided to share them with you!


Since this IS Idaho we’re going to start off with something potato based. True, fries aren’t unique in the least but, the Filthy Fries at The Curb take a simple potato and make it into something uniquely delicious. Imagine perfectly seasoned fries smothered in The Curb’s amazing queso sauce, then add some bacon, jalapenos, onions, green onions, and a drizzle of hot sauce then finally topped off with shredded cheese! Now that is taking fries to another level!

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Let’s change pace a little bit and head over to Trillium which is in the Grove Hotel located in downtown Boise.  They have an appetizer that is both beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. The
Dungeness Crab Strata is amazing! It offers avocado, pico de gallo, mango, tortilla strips, and aji amarillo sauce. Now that, is an appetizer worth splurging on!

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For the last app on the list, we’re going to stay downtown and visit Solid Grill and Bar. They offer a very tasty option with their
Risotto Bites! Here’s what you’ll get: parmesan and panko crusted risotto balls served with honey beurre blanc and balsamic reduction. First off, risotto isn’t the easiest dish to prepare, but then to do it well enough that you can bread it and deep fry it?  Yes! Kudos to Solid for this very tasty app!

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Bonus App Alert! It was difficult to narrow the list down to just 3 so we decided to add another one. This appetizer is a no-brainer considering the location, if you don’t mind pig skin that is! Twin Peaks recently added a Pork Rind option to their app list. With beer flowing out of their taps at below freezing temps, this crispy snack pairs perfectly. Seasoned with a cajun rub and their Nashville hot sauce, this is a spicy app that will have you ordering another beer for sure!

Twin Peaks Pork Rinds

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So, now that you’re hungry, GO! Out and try some of these amazing apps and enjoy!

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