Top 4 Gyro Places in Boise

Where to get Boise’s best Gyros and Mediterranean food.
Meraki Gyros

Many restaurants feature gyros and Greek food on their menu, and several sandwich places offer pitas as an option. 

Quality Mediterranean food is hard to find. So, if you want a gyro that rises above the fast food angle, you have to Go! try these Top 4 Places to get Gyros in Boise.

4) Romio’s Pizza & Pasta

With Romio’s, it’s all about the sauce. They have a handful of gyros to choose from, each one served with Romio’s own unique tzatziki sauce recipe. Or, if you want yours to have a little more zip, you can swap it out with the spicy tzatziki. Don’t forget the addons: bacon, avocado, and feta or spicy feta cheese.

Go! Get the California Gyro at Romio’s. Opt for the spicy feta and spicy tzatziki.

Romio's CalifoniaGyro(right) ClassicGyro(left)

3) Sofia’s Greek Bistro

Sofia’s serves Greek food with a homemade feel. The entire menu is classic Greek food in all its fresh deliciousness, but served with a homey authenticity, not like a prefabricated gyro factory. The Lamb Pita comes highly recommended, served with slow roasted lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, and make sure to ask for their house-made hippie dippie sauce.

Sofia's Greek Bistro

2) Mazzah Mediterranean Grill

Mazzah has a huge Mediterranean menu with no bad options. When getting your gyro, you can choose between chicken and gyro meat and get it as a sandwich option (comes with a drink and one appetizer side) or as a platter (two appetizer sides). Wrap up your meal with some assorted flavors of delicious baklava.

Mazzah Mediterranean Gyro

1) Meraki Greek Street Food

Meraki is a locally owned and operated Greek bistro serving gyros with high quality slow roasted meats and a house-made tzatziki sauce. Choose between pork, chicken, beef, or lamb. Local beers are on tap, or choose from several of their excellent Greek wines, or you can go with the soda fountain. Meraki serves Stubborn Soda which offers many unique flavors like Agave Vanilla Cream, Orange Hibiscus, and Lemon Berry Acai. You can even order a Greek Frappé. Don’t forget brunch hours with $11 bottomless Mimosas on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 am- 3:00 pm. 

There are no bad gyros at Meraki, but the most recommended are:

The Hades

Regardless of which meat option you go with, the habanero chips and aioli light up the whole thing with heat and flavor.

The Bronco

The candied bacon makes this gyro is a must try.

The Traditional

It has all the regular stuff that comes with a gyro AND is topped off with seasoned fries.

Go! Visit Meraki on 8th street in the BoDo area for the best gyros in Boise, a locally owned restaurant who excels at preparing delicious Mediterranean meals.

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