Top 5 Dog Parks

Dog walker with dogs in park

Just a reminder that during this hot weather, if you can’t hold your hand on the pavement for at least 5 seconds without it burning the palm of your hand, it is too hot for your dog. Dogs’ paws are more sensitive than many would believe. You can combat this by putting dog boots on their paws or the protective pad stickers on the pads of their paws. 

Keep a bottle of water that is cold also to ensure they are comfortable! Last but not least, do NOT leave your dog inside a car that is not running. The City of Boise has highlighted some rules and regulations for the parks. When conditions are safe, you can take them to our Top 5 dog parks! 

1. Bowler Dog Off-Leash Park

This park is located near the Barber pool reserve, just a little ways past Southeast Boise. The best part is that it is all fenced in! You can let your dog run wild to their heart’s content while also enjoying the sites. During the hours of sunrise to sunset when the park is available for use! 

2. Morris Hill Park Dog Off-Leash Park

Got a smaller dog? This park has a separate area for the smaller pups just in case they are a little nervous. There are agility training opportunities at this one, so you can train your pup to be the best in the show! There are also picnic tables and benches for watching your dog run around and play with other dogs at the park.

3. Mariposa Park

In Meridian, this park has 8 acres of space. This dog park shares its space with some interpretive signage about Boise Parks and Recreation’s “Monarchs and Milkweeds Program.” This fenced-in park is a great spot to watch your pet run around and learn more about the program. 

4. Together Treasure Valley Dog Island

This park has ample space for your furry friends, a fenced-in dog paradise. This park is not affected by Ann Morrison Park’s seasonal off-leash program. Your dog can run free inside this area from sunrise to sunset year round!

5. Molenaar Dog Off-Leash Park

Another park that is open all year round and open from sunrise to sunset, this lush area offers plenty of grass to roll around in! This area is located right off south maple grove road and is perfect for a good hang-out. Molenaar park also features a place for shy/small dogs. 

Please do remember to respect the areas by picking up after your dog, leashing them when asked to do so, and paying attention to their body language to ensure the safety of all the furry friends! If you liked this one, check out this blog on where you can take your dog on the greenbelt. Did we miss anything? Let us know by sending an email to because we love making sure things are accurate and up to date!

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