Top 5 Wall Murals to Visit in Boise


Need a new photo op spot? Downtown Boise and the surrounding area are filled with breathtaking wall murals ready to be explored by us! Some span multiple buildings while others scale the lengths of story-high buildings! These aren’t in any particular order, just some wall murals near me that we love to visit when we get the chance.

The 33rd and Stockton Mural

Picture of the mural on 33rd and Jefferson in progress with artist painting the mural with vibrant colors.

This mural was done in collaboration with 4 local artists and the Garden City Placemaking Fund. It is right across the street from Boise Crossfit and Western Collective. This mural is meant for photos so get out there and take some pictures with all 4 of the individual sections!

Jefferson Place Mural

Yulia up on a lift painting her five-story mural featuring local animals and plants

Near the center of Downtown Boise is a mural that spans the entire side of the five-story Jefferson Building. This mural features several critters and plants native to the Idaho landscape. Yulia Avgustinovich is an artist from Denver who was commissioned to take on the 6-7 week-long project by the Alexa Rose Foundation in 2021.

Goldstein’s Bagels Mural

A screenshot of an Instagram post from Walter Gerald featuring two children in front of the dinosaur themed wall mural inside of Goldstein's Bagels

You read that right, this quirky bagel-themed mural is inside the newest bagel spot in downtown Boise. Goldstein’s Bagels & Bialys is a New York-style bagel shop in the heart of downtown. This wall mural was done by Walter Gerald, a creative consultant and multidisciplinary designer based in Southern Idaho. You may have seen some of these iconic dinos around on some windows downtown during the Treefort Music Festival.

Freak Alley

A portion of Freak Alley's mural featuring Dreyfus and others.

Most of us know Freak Alley as our first stop when exploring the downtown area. Freak Alley currently highlights around 200 artists; it was first commissioned in 2002. Looking for a wall mural near me? This is the place for you! It’s crazy to think the project started with one painted alley doorway. The murals evidently change every two years featuring some new talent while also keeping many of some of the permanent pieces.

“Keep Your Future Alive.” by Bobby Gaytan

Wall mural with the text with the phrase "keep your future alive" featuring a child sitting up against it looking up at a smiley yellow balloon

A hidden gem downtown located around the corner from the Nerolux is one of four located throughout downtown. This mural commissioned by the Idaho suicide prevention hotline towards the end of 2020 features a positive message. Gaytan used his daughter Sophia as the muse for this peace, he mentions she is always looking up and smiling!

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