Top 5 Places to Get a Hot Dog

Delicious and simple hot dogs with mustard, pepper, onion and nachos

Who would’ve guessed that July 20th would become one of my favorite days? I am looking for the best hot dog places near me because it’s National Hot Dog day! Here’s a list of the top 5 spots you have to grab a hot dog for today’s special occasion.

Scotty’s Dogs

A hot dog with Scotty's Sauce wrapped in a silver wrapper

Scotty’s Dogs is one of my favorite trucks in Boise, and they cater! Scotty’s will satisfy you with some original favorites and specialty dogs. If you stop by Scotty’s Dogs, ask for the famous “Scotty’s Sauce”; it adds so much more to their amazing polish dogs. They often do a BOGO deal for walk-ups.

Top Dog Grill

Top Dog Grill hot dog cart parked on the sidewalk in front of cars with two giant brown umbrellas covering it

Need a late-night bite? Top Dog Grill has become a staple in Boise town’s night out. They have some classic make-your-hot dogs to other items like Italian sausage and Bratwurst. My favorite is their all-beef hot dog with the traditional mustard and ketchup. Top Dog Grill accepts cash or card. This late-night spot is a savior after one too many espresso martinis.

Twisted District Brew Co.

A chorizo hot dog with a corn mixture on top of the hot dog with a salad on the left side of it

When searching for hot dog places near me, Twisted District is usually the first place that comes to mind. This family-owned brewery has had some of the most fun flavors for its hot dogs since 2020. There are 13 different kinds of hot dogs. My favorite is the Perro con Elote which is a hard-to-beat basque-styled chorizo with an esquites mixture on the top.

Foxy Franks

A yellow Foxy Franks tent with a giant banner in front of it while the text sits outside of BrewHouse and Bear Island Brewing co

A local favorite is Foxy Franks; this Navy veteran has a variety of sausages, including a couple of veggie dogs! Traveling across most of the valley, Foxy Franks is bringing the grill to some of your frequent spots. They will be celebrating this special day at Payette Brewing from 4 – 8:30 pm. 

Gandolfo’s New York Delicatessen

The inside of Gandolfo's New York Delicatessen with the garage styled door open for patio seating on a sunny day

You wouldn’t be able to tell from the name, but this new york style deli features some of our fan favorites! They bring a little piece of New York to Boise with four hot dogs on the menu. If you are in need of a quick bite, these dogs are the perfect midday meal. Bring a friend for their Double Dog Deal! 

An Honorable mention is my favorite place to enjoy a hotdog, a Boise Hawks Game. Who doesn’t love watching our local team with a brew and hot dog in hand? Some evenings you can get a General Admission ticket and a hotdog for just $4! Come support our local team this weekend, and after the game, there will be a Drone Show lighting up the night sky.

A hot dog with mustard and ketchup on it in a Falls Brand wrapper in front of a baseball field.

Grab your friends or coworkers during your lunch break and try out one of these spots for the special day! I know I might need another one from Twisted District. ?

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