Top 5 Restaurants/Bars With Live Music


Are you searching for a new bar with live music? Nothing is better than a nice cold beverage and some live music during the summertime. We put together some of our gems of Idaho that we love to enjoy live music at! Here are the Top 5 Restaurants/Bars with Live Music!

Stoney’s Road House

Bar with live music, singer pointing and holding electric guitar

Stoney’s is no stranger to live music, although this new location provides for much more fun! This road house loves live music and a place for people to dance to it. It features a 2,300-square-foot dance floor and a 1,200-square-foot stage for these performers. Stoney’s Road House is not to be confused with Stoney’s Rockin’ Country. This joint is in Emmett; time to get your boots on! Currently, they are bringing seven fun artists to this massive space on their site. Stoney’s is unique as it sits underneath a canopy of an old factory! 

Pengilly Saloon

Located right in downtown Boise, Pengilly’s is one of my personal favorites to watch live music! This is a must-go location situated in the historic district of Old Boise. They often have live music throughout the week and weekend. On their Instagram page, you can find a post of who is performing at the historic spot.

Ironwood Bar & Grill

This local spot has drinks, a full menu, and live music! You’ll walk into a fun environment when you head to Ironwood on the weekends. The live music is hard to beat here at this spot. You can find several of these live music events on their Facebook page. You can even rent this space out for private events.

Gold Mine Grill & Saloon

Gold Mine Grill and Saloon is the headquarters for several things in Idaho City but is known for its live music! It features an outdoor patio with a stage and makes for a perfect summer evening hangout. Practically every weekend, you will find a fun new lineup hitting this stage on their Facebook page!


Check out this local favorite pub and grill. Barrelhouse has some fun local artists that will soon be your go-to songs to give a listen to. They feature several local talents in their pub and grill. Barrelhouse’s Swedish meatballs are hard to beat, let alone getting to enjoy them with some good tunes. I’ll be there in 5 minutes!

A bar with live music is the go-to spot for groups these days. Feel free to pull up a chair at any of these spots and enjoy a wide range of music genres at many of these local Idaho favorites! Did you like this blog? Check out how Mad Swede Brew Hall Steps Up as a Downtown Venue

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