Top 5 Things to do in Caldwell

Caldwell Idaho

Do you find yourself in Caldwell needing some new things to do? There are always some activities going on in Caldwell. Today we are highlighting the top 5 things to do in Caldwell!

1. Visit Indian Creek Plaza

This plaza has so many various things to explore every season. During the summer, there is the Farm to Fork Farmers’ Market every Tuesday. They also do a hometown hoedown and heritage festival. In addition, they have live music and small shops inside the plaza to pop your head into. 

2. Koenig Distillery and Winery

Koenig Distillery has catering and a tasting room. On their website, you can reserve your spot for you and your friends to do a wine tasting at their new facility. Koenig has a wide variety of alcohol distilled right there at their facility, from brandy to vodka, bourbon, and more. They even have a Huckleberry Vodka that you must try. 

3. Babby Farms

Do you know what’s cooler than being cool? Babby Farms. This non-profit organization aims to give children and adults with disabilities a chance to interact with animals that are not a cat or dogs! After hanging out with their sloths, I’ll be back to writing blogs. This is the perfect place for animal lovers. 

4. Whittenberger Planetarium

This Planetarium is a part of the College of Idaho campus. It has been serving the public since around 1970. You can snag an adult ticket for only six dollars, making it an affordable adventure. You can look up at this 24-foot dome and be unforgettable as you look into the cosmos right here in Caldwell. 

5. Silverhawk Aviation Academy

Want to do something so adventurous and unlike anything else you could do? Silverhawk Aviation Academy offers helicopter tours. This is not your ordinary adventure, but for those thrill seekers out there, this is the perfect activity for you. You can tour the Black Canyon Reservoir, the Snake River Wine Region, downtown Boise, and more! This might be one of the coolest things you can do in Caldwell. 

It is time to take a trip to Caldwell to experience something new. From the plaza, wineries, farmers markets, planetarium, and even helicopter tours. Caldwell has something for those people that have seemingly done it all! Did we miss anything? Let us know by sending an email to, because we love making sure things are accurate and up to date! If you don’t want to explore city life, check out this blog about the top 5 places in Idaho to go camping

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