Try Something New That’s Cool and Unique in Boise

Try Something New That’s Cool and Unique in Boise

Challenge your friends, host an event, or join an axe throwing league

There are bowling alleys and pool halls aplenty, and every bar has dart boards.

But how many places are there where you can show off your axe throwing skills?

Check out Base Camp Pong & Axe. Located at 815 Ann Morrison in Boise, Base Camp is Idaho’s premiere axe throwing and ping-pong facility, complete with private event bookings and league nights.

Hefting axes around and owning your friends at ping-pong all night tends to build an appetite. Don’t fret, there’s a hearty menu with a full bar, great wine selection, and plenty of beer on tap at Base Camp.

Everyone eighteen and up is welcome to come chow down and throw on the axe range. Keep it casual, or keep score, there are lots of ways to play.  

If you want to unleash your inner lumberjack or find your primal warrior spirit, you can’t pass up an experience at Section 37 Axe Throwing Room, another unique sporting range in Boise.

Named after lumberjack tales, Section 37’s faq page explains old-timey logging towns usually had only 36 sections, and the extra one is where creepy and supernatural events took place.

Bring a date, host a special event, or even a corporate retreat.

To get a spot on the busy weekends, or to setup a private party, please make reservations. Beer, wine, and food are welcome, but not available for purchase.

The Treasure Valley is growing and continues to offer more and more to visitors and natives alike. There are plenty of cool and unique experiences to be had right here in town. When you want to GO! Out and try something new, you can Go Out Local.

Adam Brimhall

Adam Brimhall

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