We Went to TopGolf and Here is How it Went!

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We have all seen the news, TopGolf is here! We are so excited about this new interactive place. Here’s everything you need to know about the new TopGolf in Meridian! 

The first time I went, it was opening week at 5:30 pm and we had a 1.5 hour wait without a reservation! It wasn’t so bad because you can wait in their bar/restaurant area and order drinks and food as you waited. They have a stunning outdoor patio area that we can’t wait for them to open in the spring. 

Our second time visiting, we had a reservation, so we walked right up to our bay and started playing! To make a reservation and beat the line times, you can make them online at a max of  7 days in advance (And Tuesdays are ½ off!). The bays hold up to 6 people, ranging from half an hour to 2-hour windows. If you have more than 6 people, you can call to make a reservation to fit the size of your party!

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You do have to pay their membership fee if you haven’t yet, but don’t worth it’s a lifetime membership and it’s only $5! Download their app to keep track of all your visits and your score. 

Once you’re are the bay, they go over rules and safety regulations before you start playing. They have amazing service with drinks and food while you play as well.

The building is totally open to the elements but no need to worry, they have incredible heaters that make it feel like summer as you play! The heat is adjustable, just ask your server to turn them up or off. We also did spot some fans so they should be nice and cool in the summer heat as well.

Photo from TopGolf

There are multiple screens where you can watch and play their arrangement of games! We played “TopGolf” their most popular game where you get points for hitting targets. We then played Angry Birds, where you can use the Angry Birds characters (golf balls) to virtually smash down structures, defeat pigs, and earn as many points and stars as possible. During good weather, they will open their mini golf course with 9 holes which is perfect for the whole family to play! 

View our full experience on our Instagram page! Link here.

Photo from Natalie Tyler

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