What is the Warehouse Food Hall?

Warehouse Food Hall

A new contender in Boise’s food game has entered the ring. The Warehouse Food Hall is just what it sounds like, an actual food hall. With 29,000 square feet, it features two bars and ten different eateries. This is perfect for your crew of indecisive friends. There is something for everyone in the Warehouse Food Hall, grilled cheeses and all! Here is a lengthy list of all that is inside this new gathering place.

Camp Cocktail Bar

Picture of CAMP Drink guide with cocktail next to it

I will admit, I do love a good cocktail, but sometimes I get a little lost. CAMP Cocktail Bar has a drink guide that features ten signature cocktails, wines from several regions, and a list of liquors.

Rush Bowls

Smoothie bowls from a top-down angle featuring some fruits cut in half next to them

A familiar face to some of us, this business rushed its way into this food hall, giving us some of our favorite smoothie bowls around Boise. With over 20 different bowls on their menu, they even feature a “Bow Wow Bowl” for your furry friend. This will be the second location of Rush Bowls in Boise, the other being on State Street.

The Loading Dock

The loading dock neon sign above the bar inside of the warehouse food hall while it is empty

This is the opposite of the cocktail bar, where you can order a beer with a shot of whiskey. Yes, you heard that right, a beer served with a shot of whiskey. I would not partake in the whiskey portion, but the beer? Say less. The Loading Dock has a very affordable menu if you want to just pop in for a quick beverage with a friend. 

Wok N’ Roll

Wok n' roll phacos with cliantro and onions on top

One of my personal favorites in this food hall, Wok N’ Roll, highlights Thai and other Asian cuisines. To say I am excited is an understatement. The “Phacos” will be a must-try the next time I stop in. It is a fusion dish of tacos with a classic Phó. Slow-cooked brisket with cilantro, onions, basil, an amazing sauce, and even a phó-jus. My mouth is watering just writing about this dish.

Freshie’s Lobster Co.

A lobster roll in view while the city behind is blurry

Freshie’s Lobster Co. is a seafood joint that has been serving fresh Maine lobster in Park City, Utah, since 2009. It is finally coming here to Boise for all of us to try soon! From a classic Clam Chowder to spicy lobster sliders, this place has it all for those seafood lovers. You will probably find me a couple of sliders deep by the end of the season.

Caffé D’arte

A latte with latte art of a bird on top in a white cup

Our beloved Caffé D’arte is back downtown! Before construction started on the new Warehouse food hall, Caffé D’arte lived on the corner next to the current Stil Ice cream location. They are bringing back all the classic drip and espresso coffees. Many of us are excited to have our Artisanal Italian coffees back for our mornings downtown.

Totally Toasted

A grilled cheese with bacon on it with a bag of chips and other grilled cheese in the background

If you know me personally, you know I LOVE good grilled cheeses. Totally Toasted has eight different grilled cheeses on the menu; you can add bacon to any single one of these. However, the one I think is a must-try is their “Foxy Lady.” It has shredded chicken, fajita veggies, and Oaxaca cheese to hold it together on sourdough slices. How good does that sound? A grilled cheese like no other!

Bao Boi

A bao bun with tofu, radish, pickled daikon, with seasonings on top of a bed of cilantro

If you never had a Bao, now’s your chance. Bao Boi is steamed bun sandwiches and Japanese curry. We already have our eyes on the Jing Jang Wings, which are smothered in a Korean BBQ sauce. Some of you may have gotten a taste at our last Treefort Music Festival.

Anzalone Pizza

Anzalone pizza with a basil, cheese, and red peppers on it

Want something more than your ordinary slice? Anzalone Pizza features fun new flavors for your taste buds. This unique pizza place features some Thai fusion flavors, such as their Thai Curry Pizza. Some of these pizzas even feature Kik’s Original Crying Tiger Sauce for those spicy fans! I am not sure about you, but I have never seen Panag Curry sauce on a pizza. Count me in!

Gaston’s Bakery

Several croissants lined up on a metal table

Ever wish you had a taste of France in Boise? Well, here is your chance! Mathieu Choux brings us Gaston’s Bakery featuring some classic croissants, pastries, quiches, and sweet bread! Coming to Boise in 2001, Choux wanted to keep local communities the top priority. I know where I will be getting my croissants for the week!

Neighbor Tim’s BBQ

A chef with gloves holding a handful of rib ends in his hands

I wish I had a neighbor named Tim right now. Neighbor Tim’s BBQ is a Texas-style BBQ joint that started in 2014. They offer anything from Texas brisket, pulled pork ribs, tri-tip, and much more. Featuring some classic sides like mac-n-cheese, baked beans, and several other BBQ must-haves. Tim’s might be my new go-to place for a taste of Texas.

Waffle Love

A Belgian waffle with cookie butter, strawberries, and whipped cream on top.

My friends know I love a good waffle. So have a waffle at any time of day with Waffle Love. They feature fan-favorite toppings for their waffles and offer an excellent variety for all guests. Waffle Love even has salads on their menu if you aren’t in the mood for breakfast or dinner. They load up these waffles for a complete and satisfying meal for your enjoyment!


A top-down view of 4 pies with the same filling but with different decorations on top in pie crust.

A fun play on words, this family-owned bakery will open its kitchen this coming fall. PIEDAHO has some of those family favorites you would be proud to bring to any gathering. I am specifically eyeing the spiced cherry berry crumb pie. It looks so decadent. They source their produce during the peak seasons from all local vendors; how cool is that! 

The Warehouse Food Hall has so much to offer for any outing. What are you waiting for? Take that lunch break or dinner date down to this new and poppin’ place. Want to read about what else is happening downtown? Check out this blog about Barrelhouse’s expansion!

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