Where In Idaho To Experience The Northern Lights


Where In Idaho To Experience The Northern Lights

Ever wondered if you have to leave Idaho to experience the northern lights?

People don’t really think of Idaho as a place where you can observe the Aurora Borealis also known as the northern lights, but there are many locations in your home state where you can go to view this beautiful phenomenon! January through March are one of the best times to go Aurora hunting due to the longer nights. I have created a list for those feeling adventurous enough to experience the neon colored sky and make sure to take a look at this Aurora forecast so you can plan accordingly.

Idaho Panhandle National Forest

This location is perfect for photographers and videographers due to having the possibility of having the lights reflect off lakes like Priest Lake, Revett Lake, & Lake Pend Oreille just to name a few. With the forest expanding more than 5,000 miles you’ll be able to enjoy more than just northern lights when you’re there.

Craters of the Moon

Wanna know what it’s like to see what the northern lights from the moon? Then this is the perfect location! Well, it’s not exactly the moon but it’s pretty close. Check out Erik Von Schuessler’s awesome video of a time lapse of the northern lights at The Craters of The Moon state park.

Heyburn State Park

Heyburn is one of the best spots in all of Idaho to camp, which makes it one of the better spots to admire the lights while being one with nature. Even if you’re not camping, you can rent out a cabin or cottage and still enjoy the lit up sky.

This list is based on the better locations to view the lights but honestly, any place in northern Idaho that’s secluded can work. Keep an eye out on the aurora forecast tool to see when and where the next time the sky will be glowing green. If you do GO! out to experience the northern lights make sure to take a photo & tag #gooutlocal & #onlyinidaho to be featured by us!

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