Where to Watch Super Bowl LIII in Boise

Go out and enjoy the football festivities—or at least the food and drink

You don’t have to like the New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Rams, or even football to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. Sometimes, having fun is less about why you’re somewhere and more about what you experience while you’re there. So, even if you don’t know who Tom Brady is or care that the Rams haven’t won a Super Bowl in almost two decades, here are a few places around town where you can eat, drink, hang out with football fans, and maybe accidentally watch some of the game (March 3, 4:30 p.m., CBS). It isn’t called the “Super” Bowl for nothing.

Double Tap Pub

409 S. Eighth St.

Giveaways and free Bud Light until one of the teams scores. Score!


1041 S. Broadway Ave.

Drink specials and giveaways from Sockeye Brewing, Fireball and Southern Comfort.

Solid Grill and Bar

405 S. Eighth St.

Kickin’ food and drink specials.

Hilltop Station

12342 E. Highway 21

Hot legs are back!