Why is Idaho Called the Gem State?


We all know Idaho is the gem state but do you know why? We’re here to tell you! 

Idaho has an abundance of rare minerals like the star garnet and opal. But in our book, Idaho being the gem state is a whole other list of reasons! We love our home state and all the amazing things it provides. So here are some of the best things and places in Idaho! 

Incredible Mountains

The Sawtooths are is a highlight of the Idaho topography! With 3,029 peaks, there is an abundance of places to explore. With some of our highest peaks being Borah, Leatherman, and Diamond Peak, you’ll get some incredible views of our magnificent state. 

Dog, Bike, and Kid-Friendly Cities

Idaho is full of dog, bike, and kid-friendly cities, including the capital, Boise! We have dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and hikes to keep your fur babies happy! Kids have lots of events, activities, parks, and good schools to thrive at and grow up safely. Bikes have paths, trails, events, and shops that keep our cities green and active! Idaho is full of parks, trails, bike paths, and activities that make this the perfect spot for young families, college students, retired couples, and everyone to move to. 

Image from Idaho Statesman

Abundant Hikes and Hot Springs

Speaking of the outdoors, Idaho has 340 hot springs and an abundance of hikes. Idaho has the most usable natural hot springs in the Nation! Spread throughout Idaho, you can visit a hot spring or go on a hike anywhere you are. AllTrails has 1,446 hiking trails, mountain biking routes, backpacking trips, and more in Idaho tracked on their app!  

Kind People

Last and most definitely not least, THE PEOPLE! Our local people are some of the kindest you’ll ever meet. We are notoriously welcoming and respectful. Despite the talk of not welcoming outsiders to our state, when you talk to people one on one, they are so understanding and happy. 

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