Boise’s Road to the X Games WCMX

Spotlight on the WCMX Demo & Clinic

Boise hosted the third annual Road to X Games: Boise Park Qualifier. The six most skilled competitors moved ahead to X Games Minneapolis.

The opening event for this two day competition was the first ever WCMX Demo and Clinic presented by the Challenged Athletes Foundation-IDAHO (CAF) in and the Boise Parks & Recreation Adaptive Recreation AdVenture Program partnering with the Road to the X Games Boise. This event showcased professional WCMX competitors engaging with our local Idaho CAF community who are excited about WCMX and X Games sports.

Before the pros really got going to show some of their best moves, the WCMX fans were encouraged to make the skate park theirs. Many generous volunteers from CAF were in attendance to make sure all the new athletes had everything they needed to be safe and have a blast. Participants of all ages laughed and smiled as they stretched out of their comfort zone to confront sections of the skate park they hadn’t yet faced.


Later on, Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham revealed some pretty impressive moves and helped give some of the younger WCMX hopefuls a few pointers and tips on how to achieve certain goals or perform particular moves. Fotheringham practically invented WCMX not only by coining the term, but being the first to execute a complete backflip in a wheelchair. Four years later, he claimed the title of the first person to do a double backflip in a wheelchair. Since then he has been expanding the WCMX sport throughout the world.

Christiaan “Otter” Bailey, a pro skater and surfer who suffered a spinal injury in 2006, was also there to be a part of and support our disabled community. Bailey works in tandem with the CAF in all its branches and works closely with Aaron Fotheringham in developing the WCMX world. He is the only paralyzed person who is a big surf professional, and the first paralyzed person to win WSA Championships.

Keep your eyes on Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, Christiaan “Otter” Bailey, and CAF. As they build the WCMX community, new and talented athletes will emerge alongside these legendary figures who empower individuals the disabled community.

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